Become the law... or rise above it... The future is in your hands!

MafiaMatrix is a browser based mafia game set in a post modern era. As a player, you have a choice to pursue a legitimate life by practicing one of the numerous legitimate careers - or choose to associate with the more nefarious characters and live the life of a gangster.

Make friends, team up and plan your way ahead - you choose your fate and decide your own future.

The game is FREE to play. There are some donation features but they do not give players an advantage and are not essential. Their purpose is simply to help support the game and keep it running. You can even earn and win donation money through various events, so donation features are still available, if you can't afford them.

Come on in and check MafiaMatrix out. Players are friendly and helpful, so don't be afraid to ask others questions or in the help forum, as we were all new once upon a time.

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About MafiaMatrix

MafiaMatrix is a browser based mafia game set in a post modern era. As a player, you have a choice to pursue a legitimate life by practicing one of the numerous legitimate careers - or choose to associate with the more nefarious characters and live the life of a gangster.

We encourage you to join our community and enjoy this free to play game. So click the register link above and treat yourself!

  • Unlock various Character Skills

  • Earn via many income sources

  • Commence community services

  • Upgrade your character with bionic implants

  • The local city menu

  • Weapon Shop: A large variety of weapons at your disposal

  • GBH: Don't like someone? Send them a message.

  • Whack a player: Get your hand dirty...

  • Travel to other cities and meet new people

  • Smuggle and push drugs for some quick bucks

  • Bank: A bit safer places for storing your money

  • Black Market trading of goods

  • Get your own vehicle in the Vehicle Yard

  • Buy/Sell your own business

  • Social media page

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Animosity 9/28/2019 5:39:26 PM

Surprise! It's event time.

To Start, Let us say thank you for you continued support of the game, with the player numbers on the rise we mentioned events coming and it is time for that now.

First off you'll notice that your earn timers have been drastically reduced and this will run until Sunday at 10 PM (game time).

To go along with the timers there will be a trivia competition on Discord, all questions MM related, prizes will include: Custom Weapon/Custom Pet/DM. If you can't make the first trivia fear not. There will be a second one 12 hours from now.

We look forward to seeing continued growth and look forward to bigger and better events coming soon.

-Admin Team

Animosity 9/10/2019 7:30:47 PM

Competitions and Upcoming Events

We are pleased to see that player numbers have been rising again and would like to invite you to join in with the celebration with us.

Currently we are running a competition on discord for 5x custom pets, winners choice of any pet currently available.

For those of you not interested in pets, coming soon will be a trivia competition, prizes will include a custom weapon and DM, where depending on participation the next events could be bigger and better.

For others, your idea of prizes and competition are more centered around in game activities. In the works currently is a revamp to the paintball event, which will surely be bigger and better than the one before.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

-Admin Team

Killerdude 8/1/2019 12:03:23 AM

Can you feel that? Feels like a Nostaliga-Competition/Give-Away to me. Starting at 12am game time, running for 48 hours we will be having a Writing-Based-Competition. By this we don't mean your grammar and punctuation will be judged but we do mean it will require some writing to complete. You will be expected to post a minimum of 150 characters about your fondest MM memory. We, the admins will select 10 of the best written and or most nostalgia-inducing. This will be judged by us and be aware that it may or may not remain private.

To be entered in this competition you must send your submission to "Killerdude". Please remember anything under 150 characters(we will judge "characters") will not be accepted, and this competition will run for 48 hours. Get your messages in during that time or they will not be counted. We will read multiple submissions from individuals however only their first submission will be counted. To make things as fair as possible, we will select our to...

LuciferMorningstar 8/28/2019 8:45:20 PM
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LuciferMorningstar 7/20/2019 8:46:59 PM
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LuciferMorningstar 7/14/2019 6:11:51 PM
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