Become the law... or rise above it... The future is in your hands!

MafiaMatrix is a browser based mafia game set in a post modern era. As a player, you have a choice to pursue a legitimate life by practicing one of the numerous legitimate careers - or choose to associate with the more nefarious characters and live the life of a gangster.

Make friends, team up and plan your way ahead - you choose your fate and decide your own future.

The game is FREE to play. There are some donation features but they do not give players an advantage and are not essential. Their purpose is simply to help support the game and keep it running. You can even earn and win donation money through various events, so donation features are still available, if you can't afford them.

Come on in and check MafiaMatrix out. Players are friendly and helpful, so don't be afraid to ask others questions or in the help forum, as we were all new once upon a time.

The MafiaMatrix Admin Team

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Auckland: 80
London: 67
New York: 87
Total alive characters: Alive characters 234

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About MafiaMatrix

MafiaMatrix is a browser based mafia game set in a post modern era. As a player, you have a choice to pursue a legitimate life by practicing one of the numerous legitimate careers - or choose to associate with the more nefarious characters and live the life of a gangster.

We encourage you to join our community and enjoy this free to play game. So click the register link above and treat yourself!

  • Unlock various Character Skills

  • Earn via many income sources

  • Commence community services

  • Upgrade your character with bionic implants

  • The local city menu

  • Weapon Shop: A large variety of weapons at your disposal

  • GBH: Don't like someone? Send them a message.

  • Whack a player: Get your hand dirty...

  • Travel to other cities and meet new people

  • Smuggle and push drugs for some quick bucks

  • Bank: A bit safer places for storing your money

  • Black Market trading of goods

  • Get your own vehicle in the Vehicle Yard

  • Buy/Sell your own business

  • Social media page

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Hommage (Eleven Crew) 9/17/2022 8:31:14 AM

RIP Richard_Kuklinski!

It is with heavy hearts we must announce that beloved player Richard_Kuklinski, aka RK, has passed away peacefully in his sleep. RK, or Shawn as he was known off the blue screen, was known to all on MafiaMatrix as a long time player, a chatterbox, and a taco connoisseur. While all these are true, he was so much more. He was reliable, friendly, trusting, and above all, he was loyal. It didn?t matter what side you were on, if you had time, RK had a story. If you needed something, RK had a helping hand. If you just wanted someone to listen, RK was there. If you needed help picking dinner, RK had recommendations, and yes, oftentimes, they were tacos. RK?s 52nd birthday was coming up this month, he would have likely had a taco in one hand, a blunt in the other, and a beer in his lap. Let us remember him in this way. Shawn Koehler (RK), 51, Loved Taco?s, Tarantulas and Titties. RK lives in our hearts. He has truly made an...

LuciferMorningstar 8/6/2022 7:33:09 PM

Welcome to the Reset!

Welcome all! The game has been reset. Many thanks to Bleeders for dedicating time for the whackfest and also for the reset changes. Please view the most recent Changelog for details. As mentioned previously, conflict will be disabled for 1 week and protection will be enabled after the game settles with stable crew(s) leading the cities. Until then, if there are any concerns about the state of the game or any bugs found, please let us know (preferably) on Discord or in-game. For those of you who are not yet on Discord, links are on the main page.

Happy tanking!

The Admin Team

Bleeders 7/31/2022 3:33:16 AM

Welcome to Whackfest

I have turned the game into a whackfest type mode where all new chars created will start at 80% respect and a good amount of stats. You will rank even faster from doing earns.

Whack Pro will be 30-60min

Whack Timer - 30min

Hospital Heal - 2 Hours

Drug Store - 10min

GBH Hospital - 10-15min

Earns - 1min

Community Service - 5min

Weapon Shop & Drug Store restocks 2-5hrs

You gain 5 health and max health when you kill someone

Travel Timer - 20min

You can all have some fun blasting.

All badges will be put on hold and donation market disabled when whackfest starts.

Bleeders 9/23/2022 4:40:12 AM
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Roger 9/15/2022 11:21:51 PM
Nothing to display
Bleeders 8/29/2022 12:17:18 AM
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